Walk In Closet by Rubbermaid (Custom Closet Kit)

If you have bought a new house or rent and you don’t have enough hanging arrangements for your clothing then a self installed walk in closet may be exactly what you are looking for.  Of course you would not like to invest tons of money into constructing a new walk in closet or cupboard so what are your options?  The most appropriate solution for your worries could very well be the Rubbermaid Walk in Closet.  This easy to install hanging closet can be obtained for less than a hundred dollars.  This post will go into details on the Walk In Closet Custom Closet Kit by , “Rubbermaid”.

Walk In Closet by Rubbermaid Adjustable (Custom Closet Kit)

Rubbermaid Configurations 3-to-6-Foot Classic Custom Closet Kit

Important Features of Rubbermaid Custom Closet Kit

  • This is a wardrobe organizer which is expandable from three to six feet in length.  This means you can make the required adjustments with respect to the available space in your home.
  • It includes multiple shelves along with two hanging bars which will offer you 10 inches of hanging space.  Multiple shelves allow you to keep your bulky clothes on shelves in addition to the ones you can hang up.
  • You can make the adjustments to fix the hanging rods and shelves in accordance with your available space. 
  • The material (satin nickel with a chrome finish) has been used to construct this walk in closet kit so that it is rust free.  This material also ensures the structure will be sturdy and durable.
  • The entire closet kit has been made adjustable so there is no cutting of the rods involved when installing your Rubbermaid Custom Closet Kit.
  • It will offer you 12 feet of stacking space as well as 10 feet of hanging space.  This is more than sufficient space to hang many your clothes.
  • The ease at which this Walk In Closet Custom Closet kit can be installed is a huge selling point.

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If you have made your mind to buy this custom closet kit then you should consider placing your order online.  You will receive all the necessary tools in the package which are required to install and customize the closet kit.  This closet kit requires so little effort that you can rest assured you won’t destroy any walls or closet space.  You will receive five adaptable shelves clothing rods, and all elements of hardware you require for an easy, quick configuration.

The upright tracks of the closet provides a lot of strength to this Walk in Closet.  The tracks have been constructed in a way that help with the ease of install.  The materials used in constructing the walk in closet set insure that you will never have to worry about maintaining any aspect of the set.  So if you intend to bring the Rubbermaid Custom Closet home a long lasting maintenance free closet fixture.  As always though it can be very helpful to read the comments and reviews of previous buyers of any product including the  Rubbermaid Custom Walk in Closet.  At a mere $90 the Rubbermaid 3H11 custom closet kit can be just the hassle free solution you have been looking for.

Walk In Closet Comparisons

If you want to buy or sell a house, a walk in closet is one thing you need to consider.  The best places for your walk in closet is your bedroom, laundry room, bathroom, or all of the above.  It will give you an opportunity to manage and organize your clothing within a limited space.  Walk in closets come in different sizes, shapes, and designs.  They can also be  made of different types of materials.  You can find walk in closets made of plastic, wood, or even metal.  Prices of a walk in closet will vary in accordance with their design and material.  Here we will compare two different types of walk in closets.

John Louis Home Deluxe 16-Inch Deep Walk In Closet Shelving System

Walk In Closet Comparisons John Louis Home Deluxe 16 Inch

This is a next generation in wooden walk in closets.  It is a product with great functionality and many features.  If you haven’t placed your order already then you must consider the installation of the Home Deluxe Walk In Closet Shelving System.  You must have a screwdriver, saw, pencil and a level to install your Home Deluxe Shelving System.  You can buy all this for only $495.99 (current price).  Look at the following features of Home Deluxe Closet Shelving System.

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  • This closet shelving system is constructed of solid wood.
  • Depth of this closet depends on your installation area but averages 16 inches
  • It comes with mahogany finish which looks great in your bedroom
  • It is a great size for a small walk in closet which can be easily adjusted up to 10 feet high
  • It has 18 feet hanging space and up to 24 feet of shelving space is available
  • It’s designed to be installed just like an Enclosed Tower and the shelves of the closet are adjustable
  • It has been provided with a metallic garment bar
  • This could be one of the best closets for your bedroom, laundry room, or bathroom

ClosetMaid 5′ to 8′ Adjustable Shelf Track Closet Organizer Walk In Closet

ClosetMaid 5' to 8' Adjustable Shelf Track Closet Walk In Closet

This is an adjustable shelf closet organizer.  This can transform even your messiest closet into a regal looking walk in closet.  It has been made to offer you convenience while organizing your clothing.  Comparatively it is pretty affordable and you can buy it for only $159.99.  Some of it’s significant features which may be helpful in deciding if this is the right walk in closet for you include:

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  • Adjustible installation range of 5 to 8 feet
  • It comes with vinyl coating which enhances its life time and durability
  • Shelves of the closet are adjustable so you have the liberty to install it to your liking
  • It comes with a wall mounted design
  • It is featured with Air Circulation System for ventilation which allows your clothes to keep smelling clean

The Decision is Yours

On the bases of the given comparison both products are of great design and and allow personal customization.  You may have to decide which one is better for you to employ in your home.  Although it also depends on your budget as there is a large price gap between these two walk in closets.

Jlh-522 Standard 12-Inch Walk In Closet

Walk in closets are designed to keep your clothing, footwear and other apparel organized in your home.  These closets are available in many different varieties.  A typical walk in closet contains dressers, drawers, belt racks, host tie racks, multiple garment racks, shoe cubbies, hang bars and hooks.  Additionally some walk in closets allow for benches as well.  There is a wide range of walk in closets available for you to select and organize your entire wardrobe.  “John Louis Home JLH-522 – Walk In Closet Shelving System” is one which will allow you to organize your apparel in the best manner.

Jlh-522 Standard 12-Inch Deep Walk In Closet

Jlh-522 Standard 12-Inch Walk In Closet

This walk in closet is made of solid wood and includes an impressive shelving system.  It comes with a honey maple finish which will look great in any bedroom.  You may utilize this closet in your laundry room as well if you don’t have already have a hanging arrangement there.  This is a 10 feet closet which can be a small closet for some people.  It also can be mounted on a wall allowing you to transform almost any location into a nice looking walk in closet like area.  It has up to 24 feet of shelving space and a total hanging space of around 18 feet.  It is designed in a way that provides sufficient ventilation for your clothing helping it to remain fresh.  It consists of an open wood garment bar, sided tower shelves, and a satin nickel finish for an elegant look.  You would have multiple options when configuring this walk in closet.  This allows it to be adaptable to almost any living space.

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If you read the reviews and remarks of other users of this walk in closet, you will come to understand that many people are happy with this closet.  Some have had a few issues as well.  Many people read the specifications and features of the closet which are convinced enough that they can make any adjustments for the closet themselves.  When they receive the closet and find that the available items may need a little alteration they ten to get frustrated.  There is no need to be worried though it simply takes a tool kit to make adjustments (not all tools needed are supplied).   If you are purchasing a wooden walk in closet then expect to cut some planks or shelves to needed sizes.

Some people have been complaining about the quality of the wood which has been used to make this walk in closet.  For example one of the users criticized the quality of wood and expressed that it was worn out at purchase.  These are the issues which must be taken into account when you decide where to purchase.  Purchasing online can make it hard to return an item if it is damaged in any way.  This is why it is always important to be as well informed as possible about any purchase.  One thing to keep in mind is even though a department store may cost $50 even $100 more it can prevent any issue if you find your purchase to be of low quality.  In this case you can simply return it to the department store usually for a full refund.

Beautiful Hanging Walk In Closets

The fast-paced environment in this century has made it necessary to make lifestyle choices that are practical, convenient, and low maintenance. Consider the walk in closet which has become an inevitable furnishing in most homes. They have been reduced in size though for reasons not all of which are centered around economics. With innovations such as Custom closets, living in smaller residences has become more stylish.

Big houses have built-in Custom closets that are least suitable in the modern homes today. Reduced living quarters doesn’t mean your clothes, shoes, books, and other accessories have to remain in boxes anymore.  You can organize them quickly and neatly with a hanging walk in closet.

Easy Track 4-to-8-Feet Deluxe Walk In Closets

Easy Track 4 to 8 Feet Deluxe Walk in Closets

Whether you’re a small family of four, a single mother, or even a retiree, this easy-to-install walk-in closet is great. It is modular which is why it’s convenient to have. These walk in closets come with a 24-inch rod fitted with ends, two 48-inch vertical panels, three 24-inch shelves, four 35-inch rods fitted with ends, two 48-inch rails, and two 72-inch vertical panels.

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The flexible design of this walk-in closet is ideal for those who want their wardrobe organized but have some restrictions of space or structure within their closet space. Easy Track walk in closets have that certain simple sophistication in their streamlined design that other walk in closets find hard to match.

Getting Acquainted with Easy Track Walk In Closets

Your Easy Track 4-to-8-Feet Deluxe Closet Starter Kit’s rail can support 1,200 pounds of clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and other storage containers over a span of eight feet. It packs a wallop, doesn’t it?

This closet shelving system comes in either cherry or white, with the latter in wood grain finish. You won’t get cheaper storage saving walk in closets than these. If you’re completely satisfied with a simple but urban low priced walk in closet, get the Easy Track 4-to-8-Feet Deluxe Closet Starter Kit.

John Louis Home Premier 12-Inch Deep Walk In Closets

John Louis Home Premier 12-Inch Deep Walk In Closets

Although Rubbermaid closet organizers are similarly-equipped with walk-in closet systems, sometimes, you just need more. Enter john louis home shelves for your walk in closets which provides you with 24 feet of closet shelving pace and 18 feet of hanging space. These walk in closets will fit up to a 10-foot space. While the John Louis Closet will cost more their shelving system trademark is that expensive real wood kind of look.

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Get the John Louis Home Premier 12-Inch Deep Closet Shelving System has great specifications. Features such as all-metal hardware in satin nickel finish, a metal garment bar, and adjustable shelves are all part of the system. Closet shelving made easier is the kind of attribute a good walk-in closet should always have.

The ventilation of this walk in closet that sets it apart from other similarly-priced walk in closets. Like their other John Louis Closet products, this closet shelving system is versatile enough to end up not only in the bedroom but in the pantry, foyer, and even your linen or laundry rooms.

Added functionality in household furniture such as a John Louis Closets give you value for your money in terms of aesthetics. Attractive walk in closets that allow flexibility in storage are exactly what john louis home creation try to offer. These beautiful walk in closets comes painted in both caramel and espresso finishes.

Your John Louis walk-in closet system features a 4-foot accessory tower with 6-inch deep interior drawers. Crafted from solid wood, this closet is as sturdy as walk in closets come and has multiple options for configuration.

Rubbermaid Walk In Closet Kit Comparisons

Rubbermaid has been manufacturing durable containers for food storage since the 1930s and has expanded to distribution of step stools, laundry baskets, walk in closets, shelving kits, and wardrobe organizers. They have been striving to give households worldwide reliable convenience of quality-made walk in closets.

The Rubbermaid Walk In Closet Kit Companions were designed and built for easy installation and effortless maintenance. There are many walk in closets to choose from to meet your specific needs. Rubbermaid closet organizers are built for those who prefer customize their closet to look, feel, and fit as they want it.

Rubbermaid Walk In Closet Kit means Convenience Plus Functionality

Rubbermaid Walk in Closet kit sets are built so that locking in the accompanying shelves doesn’t take forever. Each Rubbermaid closet kit is guaranteed to be sturdy, dependable, and last for many years. Configuring the space of any walk-in closet could be fun. Rubbermaid closet organizers allow you freedom to select how many shelves you want to put up as well as how many rods to hang your clothes on.

Implementing ideas for customization works well for Rubbermaid walk in closets but you should always consider the ease in installation. Your Rubbermaid walk in closet kit is a breeze to install even by yourself and still comes out the other end sturdy. Rubbermaid closet organizers are versatile as well as having a few different base models to choose from.

Rubbermaid Configurations 4-to-8-Foot Classic Custom Closet Kit

Rubbermaid 4 to 8 Foot Classic Custom Closet Kit


A walk-in closet may sound overly ambitious if you have a small living area, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have one. It just means you can go overboard and need to have the right size closet for your living space. The Rubbermaid Configurations 4-to-8-Foot Classic Custom Closet Kit is perfect for condominium living, with its requirement to maximize or minimize itself to fit the space you have available.

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This Rubbermaid walk-in closet kit is expandable to fit closet lengths of 4 to 8 feet with matching expandable single and double hang rods. Your clothes could be folded conveniently on one of its three shelves and still leave room for shoes and accessories.

Organizing custom closets is easy with the Rubbermaid Configurations 4-to-8-Foot Classic Custom Closet Kit. These highly reusable walk in closet pieces can be taken down, moved, or reconfigured to suit your needs.

Any apartment or condominium that lacks style needs walk in closets. You will appreciate the wall-mounted track and shelf brackets with convenient closet shelving that come in several sizes and finishes.

 Easy-to-Follow Instructions Make Assembly of the Rubbermaid 4-to-8-Foot Deluxe Custom Closet Kit Convenient

Rubbermaid 4 to 8 Foot Deluxe Custom Closet Kit

If you have clothes that need to be folded and less for hanging then the Rubbermaid Configurations 4-to-8-Foot Deluxe Custom Closet Kit is perfect for you. It has 22 feet of walk in closet shelving made of satin nickel with chrome finish that is guaranteed not to rust, crack, or chip.

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This Rubbermaid walk in closet kit includes expandable shelves with telescoping rods that allow you to segregate clothing, footwear, and accessories by his and hers, leisure, casual, work, athletics, or even seasonal. If you need more walk-in closet space, this kit can expand holding up to 20 feet of closet shelving space. It has a maximum of 12 feet of hanging space without the need for any cutting.

Whether you have a walk-in or reach-in closet, this Rubbermaid closet kit will work for you. The Rubbermaid walk in closet kit series have generated plenty of positive reviews in comparison with similarly-priced merchandise. All Rubbermaid walk in closet kit sets come with easy-to-follow instructions for installation.